Forms & Documents  

03-JUNE-2013 - Per the approval of the membership at the 2013 Department Convention, the Department Dues have been increased to $5.  This is effective 01-July-2013.

NOTE – If using the Transmittal, Request for Transfer, Report of Officer Installation or Notice of Death forms, you must print out five(5) copies of the completed form, keep one copy for your Detachment records and forward on the four(4) remaining copies to the Department Paymaster or Department Chaplain as designated on the form.

NOTE - Keep in mind that the Marine Corps League is a 501 C(4) organization!  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Department Judge Advocate for further details.


DoNC DVC Training Module

Guidebook for Detachment Officers_2006 version (PDF)

MCL Membership Application (Editable PDF) - Latest version approved at 2013 National Convention

Transmittal_2014 updated rates (Editable PDF)

Request For Transfer Form (Editable PDF) 

Report of Officer Installation (Editable PDF)

Notice of Death Form (Editable PDF)

How to submit a Marine for Department Marine of the Year (2014 Edition Editable e-book)

Application for Charter

New Detachment Checklist

Recruiting Poster

Department Bylaws (with 2013 updates)

Guidelines to host a Department Quarterly Meeting or Convention

Department Chain of Communication Flowchart

MCL Ritual (Booklet print out)

MCL Ritual (3-ring binder printable version)



Who does this form go to in North Carolina?

 We would like to ensure that all Detachments are aware of who to exactly send mailings too. Below is a guideline for all Detachments to follow. Please make sure that all of your mailings go to the correct person below, regardless of what the official form says, as the processing of them ‘may’ be delayed if delivered to the incorrect North Carolina Department Officer.

 DEPARTMENT PAYMASTER (Treasurer and Membership Manager)

1) Membership Dues Transmittal and Change Notification Form

2) Transfer Request

3) Report of Officer Installation



1) Quarterly Report (from Detachment Commandants and Department Officers to the Department Commandant)

2) Agenda (requests to add items to the agenda of an upcoming meeting - subject to Department Commandant approval)



 1) Death Notice (Preferably submitted by the Detachment Chaplain - Removing the deceased member from the National rolls prevents the family from receiving renewal notices, other League correspondence and solicitations)